Horseman LS 5×4 View Camera

I have to write about my new Horseman LS 5×4 view camera. I still have no internet at home and British Gas are threatening to send the baliffs round even though I spoke to their crack escalating team and they said the account had been  blocked and acknowledged there is a problem with the amount of money they are asking for due to changed meters in 2006!

Bought some Fuji Velvia 100 5×4 film. (Have been out several times and taken no shots)

I had two Rodenstock repro lenses mounted onto Sinar and Horseman 14cm plates. One plate needed to have the hole enlarged and is now fitted with its own retaining ring. The other lens is now fitted to a new ring (made by machinist Fred Stone of Hove) which fits into the hole in the Horseman plate. The 80mm and 150mm Rodenstock repro lenses have the same size thread so I can interchange the lenses in a matter of seconds. I will have to test out these repro lenses as they are optimised for doing close-up work but they are good for distance shots as well.