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updating – February 2017

‘8’ Photography Magazine Launch Party at Agnes B in Covent Garden

The ‘8’ magazine launch party at Agnes B in Covent Garden was awash with free champagne and beer. The glamorous side of photography! It was good to see high fashion and photojournalism side by side. I wonder what affect the images will have on the customers!

foto8 at Agnus B on nikon n95

Spoke to Adam Goff the picture editor at New Scientist magazine. He has his finger on the pulse, sourcing iPhones for £80 in Germany, unlocking, no problem, just slip ’em an extra euro… he talked about Thatcher, the miners, powercuts, Don Mcphee, war, peace, Mercedes E220, democracy, communism, not missing the train to Dorking and then he was gone! I wonder if I can get something published in the New Scientist in the new future! New Scientist has been a favourite magazine of mine for a long time because of the way they have used photography (and the fact that they credit every image in the magazine). Adam’s been there 14 years… respect to the man! Only just realised it’s a weekly that’s a lot of pressure to work under for only two picture editors.

Jon Levy, founder of foto8 was looking dapper in his suit and shirt having shed his trademark casuals for the night. Seems too many years ago since foto8 nearly ended. Max was swan, preening herself as features editor for 8 magazine, teaching at University of Westminster alongside Colin Jacobson, formerly of the Independents Saturday magazine. I interviewed him when he launched Reportage magazine. Shame it didn’t last.

Liz Somerville beamed in from Photofusion picture library where my contributions should be more than I have made. My loss.

I hope young Tom does well in his photojournalism course at Elephant and Castle.


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