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updating – February 2017

Documentary Photography. Another View of the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip

It is hard being in a conflict zone. It is hard photographing in a war zone for someone who is not a war photographer (if that term is still used…). This is one of the images I created that was a surprise to me. Sitting in a hot makeshift home in the north of the Strip. I went with Medicines Sans Frontiers to visit a woman who was living in this tent with her daughters so that they could go to school without being bothered by IDF soldiers.

It didn’t work out that way. The soldiers still took pot shots at the children. The tent was on a sandy area. The Israeli tank was perched on a mound nearby. The mother had depression and found herself getting angry with the children.

I saw the phrase ‘concerned photography’ coined in the British Journal of Photography recently. The first time I heard it was when Jon Tarrant, then editor of Professional Photographer magazine used it. I hope it gets mentioned more often.


One comment on “Documentary Photography. Another View of the Gaza Strip.

  1. teagirl
    April 13, 2008

    Great image. Sad story, God help her.

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