bip mistry film and photo

updating – February 2017

Architectural Photography Shot 5×4 View Camera, Detail from Digital Scan

Architectural photography

This is a detail from the scan of the 5×4 transparency. The quality as a small jpeg is not clear on the full frame shot in an earlier blog entry. This kind of resolution is required for good architectural shots which have fine detail that needs to be recorded. The digital scan was produced on a Fuji flatbed scanner. The image still needs to be colour corrected and cleaned up to obtain a good quality reproduction.

View cameras are used for the large film and the ability to alter perspective. Fine detail and the choice of altering the relationship between the film plane and the viewing lens are two key reasons for choosing to work with this format.
Some photographers use tilt and shift lenses on 35mm bodies. These lenses are expensive and the image captured is still quite small. Probably good for most uses.

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