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updating – February 2017

Website Photography – Shot on Mamiya C330f

Mamiya C330

Photograph for The Vault Imaging website.
Shot on Mamiya C330f in available light which was a mix of daylight and tungsten.

Minimum depth of field leaves only one slither of paper in focus. When you are close to your subject with a twin lens camera parallax kicks in. The viewing lens is seeing a different scene from that of the taking lens beacause they are 5cms apart. A red ‘flag’ appears across the top of the frame to indicate where the top of the image is. Also, as the bellows will be extended more exposure is required than stated on your meter reading.


One comment on “Website Photography – Shot on Mamiya C330f

  1. Xavier Rey
    April 4, 2008

    good photoblog !!
    (thanks a lot for your visit and comment on my photoblog )

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