bip mistry film and photo

updating – February 2017

Portrait Photographer


This portrait was shot on Fuji Provia 100 transparency film using the Mamiya and an 80mm lens. Provia tends to be a bit blue and with the image shot in shade it has enhanced the blue.

portrait photography

This version has been desaturated in Photoshop. It has not been sharpened very much.
allows for subtle changes during post-production.

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One comment on “Portrait Photographer

  1. dieterdelathauwer
    March 25, 2008

    personal feedback allowed? probably you know this allready..
    anyways: desaturation does not help you to get rid of the blueish gaze…unless you go for a 100% :o)
    personnaly i think the blueish color spoils a bit this (great) image. I love the compo and the way the model is. nice job!

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