bip mistry film and photo

updating – February 2017

Studio Photography


Had a motorised caddy to photograph in the studio. I used two prolite 60’s to bleach out the background and one prolite 100 with a softbox to light the product.

First task was to square up the product and the camera using a spirit level and images shot to a tethered laptop. I placed the camera on my older Manfrotto tripod which is able to shoot from a low height. The camera is squared up to the caddy with a 35mm lens, but wide but best for the job at the time. It’s a simple set-up that worked really well.

The tricky aspect of the job was that it would become a 360 flash movie therefore I had to shoot 36 shots. With an assistant I had to make sure that we were rotating the product on its center point so as to avoid it wobbling. We measured the length and width of the product. That point landed on a hole in a cross bar. In order to be able to see that point I stuck some blu tac in it and stuck a piece of wire in it. The wire pointed to a pencil mark on the paper on the floor. I placed a disc marked every 10 degrees on the pencil mark and from there we marked the paper at the point of the small wheel every 10 degrees in a circle. The pencil marks would disappear in the exposure. Now we could rotate the product without losing the center point and it wobbling.

One of the key things to remember when make=ing this number of exposures on an object you don’t want moving around is to focus on a point on the object and then to set the camera to manual focus and not auto focus so the that the point of focus does not change. If it changes then the object will move around in the final movie.


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