bip mistry film and photo

updating – February 2017

Photography for Publishers

Book cover, Portrait, Golden Temple, Amritsar

The photograph was taken at the Golden Temple in Amritsar during the monsoon season.
The cover above was published by Peter Bedrick Books of New York (Macdonald Young Books) in 1996 for the North American market. There was another edition produced for the British market for which they used a different photograph on the front cover.
My photographs have been published by:

Audit Commission
Cambridge University Press
Cameron Books (‘Water’ for Greenpeace)
Evans Brothers
Faber and Faber
Folens Publishers
Houghton Mifflin
Housing Corporation
Lion Publishing
Macdougal Littell
New Internationalist
Open University
Oxford University Press
Readers Digest
Taylor and Francis Group(Psychology Press)
Watts Publishing Group
Wayland Publishers (now Hodder Wayland)

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